Alan Knight

Born in Swinton, Lancashire in 1949 Alan worked as a professional musician during the 70’s and 80’s.

Always having a love for the visual arts, the completion of a Foundation Art and Design course at Salford University in 1989 was the start of a serious commitment to painting.

Having painted in an abstract manner for several years Alan gradually felt the need for his art to be “rooted in the real” and moved to a representational form of expression, focusing on land and seascapes.

Alan has a love of the physical stuff of oil paint and likes to apply it thickly with a painting knife, enjoying the texture and richness of colour that this method produces

He is passionate about the painting process and always needs to be excited by a subject before beginning painting in order to convey to the viewer the sense and pleasure that he has felt in making the painting.

Formely a  member of Vernon Mill Artist’s collective in Stockport, he exhibits regularly in England.

In recent years he has become established as an artist of great merit reinforced by several successful solo Exhibitions and features in Cheshire Life magazine.

Artist Statement

Art was always my first love at school. After leaving school in1965 I applied to enter Bolton Art College, was accepted on the Foundation course but, due to parental pressure, “you’ll never make a living as an artist”, abandoned all aesthetic pursuits and started work in Local Government.

Of course if art is in your blood it will always surface throughout your life. The creative urge can’t be suppressed, it must be expressed. With me music became my means of expression (guitar, banjo, and mandolin) to the preference of visual art and for twelve years I was on the road in a comedy jug band outfit.

After this ran its course I drifted back to painting and drawing again and in 1989 did a foundation course in art and design at Salford University. This was the kick start that I needed and since then my enthusiasm and commitment towards producing something important and of quality has steadily grown. Now art is my vocation not my interest!

After trying various techniques and mediums down the years I eventually discovered that knife painting in oil best suited my temperament. I want a result quickly, in one session, and knife painting enables a speedy process. I’ve found that deliberating over a work and being too hesitant always produces a lifeless, uninspired result. Having the confidence to abandon ones inhibitions and paint in the white heat of inspiration and excitement does not come easy. It took me years to untangle myself and begin to relish and enjoy the pleasure of painting and to forget about the finished work, just to enjoy the process. I tend not to think too much when I paint.


I take inspiration from the visual world. When outside I can see paintings everywhere.


Back in my studio the process begins of transforming, distilling what I have seen into an original, personal vision in oil paint.

In the end it’s a question of feeling and response.